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Terms & Conditions

  • The supplier must notify AHT of any nonconforming product produced and shipped to our location.
  • The supplier must receive approvals from AHT to dispose or any nonconforming product created during processing (this only applies to supplier who conducts special processing for parts manufactured by The supplier notify AHT of any changes to their product, processes, suppliers, and facilities. All corrective actions received from AHT’ customers will be flowed down to all applicable suppliers.
  • The supplier must retain all the records of their production activities that apply to this purchase order.

Payment Terms

At Atlantic Heat Treating we do our best to provide prompt service. In keeping with that policy we would also like our Customers to honour that goal by paying our bills promptly:

Our payment terms: 30 days from the date of our invoice

If you would like to talk about your payment terms with us contact our president, Jon Matthews,
at 905 619 5277 to discuss various options.